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Cocoa Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Kiss Beach Weddings Specials

Traditional, Spiritual and Civil Ceremonies

We encourage all of couples to freely express their beliefs and individuality through personalized vows, if they so desire. However, most couples choose not to write their own vows and that’s why we offer several types of ceremonies and vows, all of which are performed by a caring, non-denominational officiant.

Traditional Ceremony

The vows for this ceremony include quotes from the Bible like the popular 1 Corinthians 13 and any verses you may request. It is the ceremony which begins “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God” and concludes with “Whom God has joined together, let no one put asunder.”

Spiritual Ceremony

The vows in this ceremony don’t mention ‘God’ per se but do have spiritual overtones and are more humanistic in nature; they work wonderfully for both weddings and commitment ceremonies.

Personalized Ceremony

Every couple should be given the opportunity to make a ceremony that is uniquely theirs. That’s why we offer couples the option to create a personal or ‘Multi-Faith’ ceremony. Couples can write their own vows that incorporate their own personal values and beliefs into more contemporary or alternative ceremony.

At KISS Weddings we are open to the fact that there are many faiths and traditions; they are all respected welcomed here. We work with all couples to accommodate their individual beliefs to make sure their ceremony is personally meaningful to them.

Ceremony Options

We offer two new trendy additions to any beach wedding.

Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is a great beach alternative to the traditional ‘unity candle’, which is virtually impossible on a windy beach. It also is a great way to include kids who are going to be part of a blended family.

Simply, a sand ceremony involves a blending of two different-colored, or plain, sands into a single vessel, symbolizing the blending of two different people, into a single, inseparable unit. It usually takes place after the exchange of rings and vows and lasts just a couple of minutes.

The ceremony involves three vessels, more if there are other family members participating, one containing the bride's sand, one containing the groom's sand, and an empty one that will soon hold both (or all) all sitting on a small table or stand up front next to the bride and groom.

Shell Ceremony

The Shell Ceremony is a touching, simple way to include any guests and family who maybe attending, not to mention a great photographic moment.

When your guests arrive they are each given a sea shell; at the end of the ceremony, everyone walks to the waters edge and after instructions are given by the officiate everyone tosses their shell into the ocean together.

We will supply all the components for these two ceremonies for an additional charge of only $30 for the Sand Ceremony and $15 for the Shell Ceremony.

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